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Card Format

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 28, 2009 1:40 pm

The Card Format will be as follows.

2---Class and Type
4---Short Description
11--Name Sidebar

Fire/, Water/, Earth/, Wind/, Light/, Dark/

Fire trumps Earth, Earth trumps Wind, Wind trumps Water, Water trumps Fire

Light trumps Dark, Dark trumps Light

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will you still push through with this?

Post by althom on Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:44 am

I'm willing to help, when it comes to suggestions. that is all.

now for suggestions...

#1 flip the card vertically and keep it at that. horizontal is a new concept but its not good. it'll be hard to look at them in your hand.

#2 remove the level, replace it with a class number. the class number will determine its casting condition i guess

#3 simplify everything. at least keep it to four elements of fire, wind, earth and water.

fire is for strong creatures
wind is for winged and divine creatures
water is for sea creatures
earth is for the ground and forest creatures

just like how you did it.

trumping means creatures with that resistance will get +1 attack.

skills will go like:

brushfire - creature gets +1 atk against earth creatures
splash - all fire creatures get -1 atk until end of turn for one turn specified by palyer.

special skills (#7) can be activated any turn but once activated, the creature gets refresher time. it takes one turn before you can cast the special again.

cards cost mana to cost. 1 mana is gained free at the start of your upkeep. extra mana can be gained thru:

discard 1- 1 mana
send to graveyard a creature - 2 mana
creatures with "replenisher" - gives extra 1 mana in play. replenisher creatures cost much.
items and spells - varies

creature summoning is unlimited, like in magic: the gathering. some heavy creatures cost mana AND tributes.

classes are:

class 1 is mana only to cast
class 2 is graveyarding 1 of anything + mana cost. graveyarding does not count as mana gain this way.
class 3 is graveyarding 2 of anything + mana cost.

email me at if want to ask something or anything. Laughing


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